A Guide to Troubleshoot Netgear Extender Orange Light Issue

Wireless internet connection is one of the greatest happenings to technology. Now, users can connect their WiFi-enabled devices to any network and access a blazing-fast internet connection. And, Netgear has played a pivotal role in bringing the dawn of digitization. From WiFi routers to extenders, each WiFi device manufactured by Netgear is made with cutting-edge technology that facilitates users with a wonderful internet experience. However, being technical devices, these devices are also prone to various issues. The Netgear extender orange light issue is one of them that can ruin anyone’s internet experience.

If your Netgear WiFi range extender is also blinking orange, then you need not worry because you’ve stumbled upon the right post. Here, we have prepared a guide for troubleshooting Netgear extender orange light issue. Keep reading.

A Guide to Troubleshoot Netgear Extender Orange Light Issue

Fixed: Netgear Extender Orange Light Issue

1. Reboot the Netgear Extender

The LED light on your Netgear WiFi extender might be blinking orange due to technical glitches. Although the reason for these glitches is unknown, you can get rid of them by giving a simple restart to your Netgear extender.

You can reboot your Netgear range extender by switching it off for some time and then switching it on back. As soon as the extender gets rebooted check that if it is still flashing orange. If yes, then it is time to try the next troubleshooting hack.

2. Ensure a Steady Power Supply

If rebooting fails to resolve the Netgear extender orange light issue, then chances are that your device is not getting a proper power supply. Therefore, check that power outlet into which you’ve plugged your Netgear extender. Is it working fine? No? In that case, consider changing the wall outlet.

Apart from that, if your area suffers power outages, use a UPS to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to your Netgear extender.

3. Check Connection Between WiFi Devices

Another reason you are seeing the orange light on your Netgear extender might be a weak connection between WiFi devices. If you’ve connected your Netgear extender and router using a wireless source, ensure that both devices are within range.

On the other hand, if you’ve used an Ethernet cable to connect your WiFi devices, then make sure that it is free of damages.

4. Update the Firmware

Have you ever noticed your smartphone starts behaving weird when it requires an update? Well, your WiFi is in a similar situation due to which you are facing the Netgear extender orange light issue. Therefore, consider updating the firmware of your Netgear extender as soon as possible.

If you don’t know the process to update the firmware of your Netgear extender, have a glance at the steps given below:

  1. Ensure that your extender is getting a consistent power supply and properly connected to the existing router.
  2. Once assured, open an updated web browser on your PC and download the firmware file for your range extender.
  3. Now, access the Netgear extender login page on a new tab.
  4. Log in to your extender using the default username and password.
  5. On reaching the Netgear Genie dashboard, click the Maintenance option under the Settings tab.
  6. Thereafter, locate the Firmware Update option and click it.
  7. Afterward, you will be prompted to upload the firmware file.
  8. Browse the firmware update file you’ve downloaded and click Upload after selecting the file.
  9. Wait patiently and let the firmware of your WiFi device get updated.

Note: No matter whether you’ve performed Netgear EX6110 setup or own any other extender model, the steps to update the firmware remain the same.

5. Reconfigure Netgear Extender

Have all your attempts to resolve the Netgear extender orange light issue gone futile? It looks like your Netgear range extender is not configured in a proper manner. Perhaps, you have committed a mistake during the setup process. Therefore, rectify your mistake by reconfiguring your extender. But before you do that, you need to reset your device. Doing so will restore your Netgear extender to the factory default mode.

To wipe out the customized settings from your Netgear extender, find the Reset button, and press it with the help of a sharp object. Your WiFi device will get restored to the factory default mode. Now, reconfigure it from scratch by accessing the mywifiext setup wizard.


Facing the Netgear extender orange light issue is common. But with the help of the troubleshooting tips discussed above, you can easily fix the issue. Just in case you are still unable to resolve the issue, get in touch with our experts right now!

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