Netgear EX6100 Setup

Netgear wireless range extenders are rolled out for users who are not content with the current performance of their host routers. This is because extenders are known to extend the range of the existing WiFi network and transmit it to every corner of the house.

Like many others, in case you too are not pleased with the internet speed that your router is providing, then you should not wait more to bring an extender home, and not just any extender, but particularly you need to perform Netgear EX6100 setup at home.

EX6100 is considered to be the best booster when it comes to enhancing the speed of the router present. Once the setup is complete, not only will you be able to access the internet on multiple devices, but also in the deadliest zones of your house, like lawn, terrace, etc.

Read the instructions mentioned on this page and find out how to configure the Netgear EX6100 extender in a hassle-free manner. Just before doing so, ensure that you do some unpacking. Make sure that no accessory gets damaged.


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Are You Prepared Enough?

Every WiFi extender setup process has some basic requirements that should be met if you wish to achieve success. To ensure that you do not experience issues, it is recommended that you read the points mentioned in this section:

  • Have the login username and password jotted down on a piece of paper.
  • Whichever web browser you use the most, ensure that it is updated and clean.
  • The Ethernet cable which came in the box should not be damaged.
  • There should not be too much distance between the networking devices.

Now, read the process mentioned in this guide and gain an understanding of how to execute the Netgear EX6100 setup process.

Setup EX6100 Extender – PUSH BUTTON METHOD

WiFi Protected Setup method allows the user to join the network without necessarily having to type the network name as well as the password. You will find the WPS button located on the router and the extender physically. All you have to do is, press it.

  • Locate the WPS button in the side panel of the Netgear EX6100 extender.
  • Whenever you find it, press it as said before and let the WPS LED blink GREEN.
  • After holding on for two minutes, press the button named the same on the router.
  • Again the WPS LED will turn green.
  • Your EX6100 wireless range extender has been connected to the existing router.

Although this method is used by many because of its easy-to-understand nature, but still, some users prefer not to use it. In case you are amongst them, use the next method.

Netgear EX6100 Setup – WEB USER INTERFACE

Before reading the guidelines, the Netgear EX6100 wireless range extender should be well connected to the wall socket and powered on. Without a proper power supply, completing the Netgear EX6100 setup process is next to impossible.

  • Get an Ethernet cable and connect the networking devices with its aid.
  • Ensure that you hear the clicking sound of the cable.
  • This is an indication that the cable has tightly been connected to the devices.
  • Once done, switch on the computer and make it join the network.
  • NETGEAR_EXT is the network name or SSID of the Netgear EX6100 extender.
  • Either the SSID has no password or the password is PASSWORD.
  • Open an internet browser and enter
  • You can also use the IP address to access the NEW EXTENDER SETUP page.
  • You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Do so and hit YES or I AGREE depending on which option gets displayed.
  • Choose the credentials of the Netgear EX6100 WiFi extender.
  • Leave the user name as ADMIN.
  • Enter the admin password and ensure that it is not similar to the WiFi password.
  • Select and answer two security questions given on the screen.
  • You can do this from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the NEXT button.
  • You will be asked whether you want NETGEAR GENIE to help, click the YES button.
  • Once the EX6100 has searched for the local WiFi networks; select the radio button.
  • Enter the network password and click NEXT.

Wait for the extender to apply all the changes. Know that this process could take a couple of minutes. So, do not interrupt it. Otherwise, you will face Netgear EX6100 setup issues.

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