Netgear EX6100 Extender Setup – A Complete Guide

If you have recently purchased Netgear EX6100 range extender and looking to configure it, then you have stumbled upon the right post.

This blog covers complete info on making the Netgear EX6100 range extender up and running. All you need to do is follow the below-listed steps the same as annotated. Let’s get started.

How to Set Up Netgear EX6100 WiFi Range Extender?

Netgear EX6100 can be configured using various methods. You can either access the web address for accomplishing the job or

Netgear EX6100 Extender Setup – A Complete Guide

download the Netgear Nighthawk app to make your device operational. Here, we’re going to jot down both the methods using which you can set up your Netgear EX6100 range extender in a hassle-free manner.

Steps to Do Netgear EX6100 Setup Using Manual Method

  1. Get your extender out of its box and attach the available antennas.
  2. Now, using an Ethernet cable, connect your extender to the existing router. Make sure to use a well-working cable.
    Bonus! While placing your extender, make certain not to keep it closer to devices emitting radio waves. Also, ensure that your extender is within the range of your router. At the time of set up, it is recommended to place the extender in the same room where your router is already located.
  3. Time to power up the device! So, plug in your extender to a wall socket and turn it on.
  4. As soon as you find the power LED on your EX6100 range extender has turned green, connect it to your device via Netgear_ext.
  5. Now, open a web browser on your system and type in the URL field.
  6. Hit the Enter key to land on the Netgear EX6100 range extender login page.
  7. You will then need to type in your default username and password.
    Quick Tip: If you are not aware of the login details of the extender, check the EX6100 manual that you might have received at the time of purchasing your device.
  8. Click Log In after filling the desired details into their respective fields.
  9. Completion of this step will take you to the Netgear EX6100 setupwizard.
  10. From here, navigate to settings and select the WiFi name that matches your home network.

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Netgear EX6100 setup process using the manual method.

Steps to Do Netgear EX6100 Setup Using Nighthawk App

If the manual method seems a bit complex to you, then give this method a shot to make your device work. For this, however, you need to first download the Nighthawk app on your smartphone.

FYI, the Nighthawk app supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Thus, you can get it from the app store compatible with the OS of your device. While downloading the Nighthawk app, keep in mind to download the latest version for avoiding any setup-related issues.

Done with downloading the app? Great!

  1. Now, start the process of Netgear WiFi extender setup for your EX6100 model.
  2. Power up the extender after connecting it to your home router.
  3. Now, launch the Nighthawk app and log in to your extender.
  4. For this, you can use the same credentials that are being used for creating Netgear account.
  5. If you have not yet created your account, do it now.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Netgear extender app interface will reveal on your smartphone’s screen.
  8. Here, you will be guided with certain notifications.

Follow all the prompts the same as appeared and complete the Netgear EX6100 extender setup process using the Nighthawk app.


Here ends our guide on setting up Netgear EX6100 range extender. We anticipate that following the steps given in the wrote-up, you would be able to install your extender with ease. If something is coming within your way of configuring the Netgear EX6100 extender, let our experts handle the situation.

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