My Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting. What Should I Do?

Setting up a Netgear WiFi range extender in your home is an amazing solution to turn dead zones into fun zones and boost the signals of your existing network. Although a wireless extender is the ultimate way to get access to high-speed internet, many users have reported that they face certain issues with the device. And one such issue is 'Netgear extender keeps disconnecting'. If you are also experiencing the same issue with your extender, follow the tips mentioned below.

Reasons Why Your Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting

My Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting. What Should I Do?

Here are the most common reasons why your Netgear WiFi range extender keeps losing connection:

  1. The firmware of your Netgear extender is not up-to-date.
  2. You haven't properly connected your extender to the WiFi router.
  3. The WiFi signals of your range extender are getting interrupted.
  4. Technical glitches can also force your extender to disconnect.
  5. You haven't performed Netgear extender setup properly.

Now, you can proceed further, and learn about how to troubleshoot the 'Netgear extender keeps disconnecting' issue.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting

Reboot Your Netgear Extender

As mentioned above, technical glitches is one of the many reasons why your extender keeps losing connection. But, worry not! To get rid of the issue, reboot your Netgear WiFi device.

Mentioned below are the steps that'll help you reboot your extender:

  1. Disconnect every WiFi-enabled device connected to your range extender.
  2. Power off your Netgear extender and unplug it from the wall socket.
  3. Wait for some time.
  4. Then, plug your extender back into the socket, and turn it on.

Now, check whether you are able to troubleshoot the 'Netgear extender keeps disconnecting' issue. Still no luck? No problem! Give the next troubleshooting tip a try!

Update the Firmware

Performing Netgear firmware update is known to fix various extender-related issues. You should try it too! Who knows it might help you resolve the one you're currently facing?

So, follow the steps mentioned below and update the firmware of your extender:

  1. Launch an internet browser on your PC.
  2. Access
  3. Log in to your Netgear extender.
  4. Use the default login details to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard.
  5. Head over to the Settings menu and click Administration.
  6. Select Firmware Update and follow the on-screen prompts.

If performing firmware update didn't work for you either, then get in touch with our technical experts immediately!

Check the Ethernet Connection

Chances are that the Ethernet connection between your Netgear extender and router is not proper due to which you are stuck with the 'Netgear extender keeps disconnecting' issue.

Therefore, make sure that the Ethernet cable connecting your devices is in good condition. If it is worn out or damaged from anywhere, get it replaced with a new one.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Avoiding WiFi interference is another thing that you can do in order to resolve the issue you're currently facing with your Netgear extender.

Thus, keep your extender away from devices and appliances like cordless phones, baby monitors, washing machines, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.

If even after following all the tips mentioned above, you aren't able to fix the 'Netgear extender keeps disconnecting' issue, reset your device. Once you are done restoring your device to the default mode, connect as many devices to the extender's Netgear_ext SSID as you want to enjoy a seamless internet connection.

The Bottom Line

These were some of our quick fixes to troubleshoot the Netgear extender login issue. If they didn't help you resolve the issue, contact our technical experts without giving it a second thought.

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