How do I Factory Reset Netgear Extender – All-Inclusive Guide

Resetting is the best way to get rid of all technical issues related to your Netgear WiFi range extender. However, a lot of users are unaware of the factory reset process. As a result, they end up entangled in more technical issues with their extender. That’s why, it is important to properly reset Netgear extender.

Sensing this need, we have put this post into the limelight. Here, we will walk you through each and every step involved in the Netgear extender factory reset process. Let’s take the plunge.

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When Should You Factory Reset Netgear Extender?

Don’t perform factory reset on your Netgear range extender for every teeny-tiny issue. If you get any major technical issue with your extender and it just doesn’t go away even after trying every possible fix, then it’s recommended to restore its default factory settings. Reset your Netgear device if you are bothered by one of the below-mentioned issues:

  • Netgear extender not working at all
  • The extender is not connected to the router
  • Connected to WiFi but no internet access
  • The extender is continuously showing amber LEDs
  • Forgot or lost Netgear extender password
  • The firmware of the extender gets corrupted
  • Netgear extender keeps dropping the connection
  • Unable to log in to Netgear WiFi range extender
  • The extender continues to disconnecting after power outage

A Word of Caution

Keep in mind that all current settings of your extender will get cleared after the factory reset process. It will reset to all its default setting values. In simple words, the extender will become like new.

After resetting, all extender settings such as the customized WiFi network name and password, admin password, and security settings will obtain their default values. So, you need to create a backup of all these settings or note them down somewhere. Doing so will make it easy for you to restore the backup and reconfigure your extender once done with the reset.

Note: After creating the backup of all the existing extender settings, remove the WiFi password if you have ever changed it from default to something else. Also, log out from your Netgear extender’s web admin panel.

How to Reset Netgear WiFi Range Extender?

There are two ways using which you can reset your Netgear range extender. They are:

  • Using the Web Admin Panel
  • Via the Reset Button

Let’s guide you through each method:

1. Using the Web Admin Panel

In order to use the web admin panel to reset Netgear extender, here are the do-follow steps:

  • Open an internet browser of your choice.
  • You can choose any browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Type in the address bar and hit the Enter key.
  • You will be landed on the login window.
  • Enter the user ID and password.
  • Hit Log In.
  • After logging in, click on the Factory Reset section.
  • Wait until your extender resets.
  • After resetting, the extender will reboot itself.

So, that’s how you can restore the default factory settings on your Netgear WiFi range extender.

2. Via the Reset Button

If you find the above-said method a bit tricky for you, opt for the Reset button. Here’show to reset Netgear extender using the factory reset button:

  • Disconnect all the connected devices from your Netgear range extender.
  • Keep your extender turned on.
  • Find the Reset hole on your extender.
  • Insert a paper clip or oil pin into the hole to press the Reset button.
  • Once done, let your Netgear WiFi range extender reboot.

And there you are! In this manner, you can perform factory reset on your Netgear WiFi range extender. On the off chance if you come across any sort of issues while resetting your extender, don’t hesitate to contact our well-versed technicians anytime.

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