Can't Connect Netgear Extender to Router WiFi?

Netgear WiFi range extender acts as a bridge between the host router and the accessing devices. If you have areas in your home that are outside the router’s WiFi range, then getting a WiFi range extender into place will help. It works by connecting to an existing signal and extending it further to the areas with WiFi dead zones. That means for a range extender to work it must be connected to the router's WiFi first. But if you can’t connect the Netgear extender to router WiFi then this is a reason to worry about. But the good news is that this can be fixed with an easy troubleshooting process which we are going to discuss in the next section of this blog. Thus, read on.

Can't Connect Netgear Extender to Router WiFi

Can't Connect Netgear Extender to Router WiFi [Fixed]

1. Bring Extender Closer to Router

Perhaps the Netgear range extender is placed out of the router’s WiFi range which is why you can’t connect Netgear extender to router network. All you should do now is unplug the Netgear extender from the current location and choose another available socket that is near the router. Plug the extender into the new location which is within the router’s range. You can try connecting the extender to the router WiFi now.

2. Put Ethernet Cable to Use

To connect the extender to the router, you have two options. Either connect them wirelessly or place a wired connection between them. But we recommend using a wired connection. The reason being, a wired connection is much more reliable than a wireless connection. The chances of signal dropping reduce to minimum. Thus, using an Ethernet cable, connect the extender to the router. But make sure you make a solid connection between the two.

3. Check Power

The Netgear range extender should be connected to a reliable power source. If the extender is not receiving a stable power supply, then it won’t perform well and perhaps won’t connect to the router's WiFi. Thus, you need to check the power socket as well as the adapter that is used to supply power to the extender. If you find any fault with them, make the necessary changes. Still can’t connect Netgear extender to router WiFi? Worry not, try the next hack.

4. Eliminate Network Interference

If you have placed your Netgear range extender at a location where other devices or appliances are placed that radiate EM waves, then WiFi interference is bound to happen. Shift the extender away from any such device that can affect its signal and see if the issue at hand has been fixed or not.

5. No Signal Obstruction

You should place your Netgear extender in an open and higher place in the home. Apart from this, you need to take care of the fact that building materials like thick concrete walls, wooden surfaces, floors, reflexive surfaces, and large water bodies too can hamper the extender WiFi signal. If any such thing is near the extender, then also you may face can’t connect Netgear extender to router WiFi issue. Choose an appropriate location for your extender and then try accessing the router’s signal.

6. Check Router Settings

There ought to be a glitch in the router settings that are now allowing the extender to access its network. Thus you should access the router’s settings and see if it allows the extender to connect to it.

7. Reboot Netgear Extender

Minor technical glitches seem minor but they may affect the device’s performance to a great extent. Thus, power cycle your Netgear range extender to get rid of them. To power cycle, power off the extender and unplug it from the power socket. Plug it back after allowing it some rest. This should help do away with technical glitches and now you should no more be experiencing can’t connect Netgear extender to router WiFi issue.

Need Further Assistance?

With this, we conclude our blog meant to troubleshoot can’t connect Netgear extender to router issue. We hope that these hacks prove to be useful to you. On the off chance, you are still struggling with the same issue and can’t connect Netgear extender to router, then consider getting in touch with our technical team. While contacting them you don’t have to worry about the time. They are trained enough to help you at any time of the day or night.

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