A Brief Guide to Solve Netgear Extender Not Seeing 5GHz Issue

Is your Netgear extender refusing to detect the 5GHz band? For how long have you been a victim of this issue? Weeks or worse, months? Well, irrespective of the time frame, we are here to assist you. In this post, you will find every hack required to troubleshoot the Netgear extender not seeing 5GHz issue.

But, before going through those hacks, learn about the reasons behind the issue at hand. Refer to the following section for that.

Why is Netgear Extender Not Seeing 5GHz?

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There can be plenty of reasons behind the extender not seeing 5GHz issue; however, there are some that are sitting at the top of the list: technical glitches, impartial mywifiext.local setup, unstable Ethernet connection, too much distance between networking devices, etc.

Whatever the reason might be behind the issue that you are currently facing, the hacks given below will surely help you to get rid of it. Thus, continue reading this post.

[Solved] Netgear Extender Not Seeing 5GHz Issue

1. Restart the Netgear Extender

This is most basic troubleshooting hack that we recommend users to try whenever they get their knickers in a twist because of extender-related issues. And this hack has helped many of them. That is why, we would like to advice you the same.

What happened? Do you think you will mess up during the process? Well, to ensure that does not happen, we have mentioned the guidelines below for you to execute the process. Go through them and learn how to give your Netgear extender a fresh start:

  • Hit the power button on the extender. This will turn it off.
  • Let the device stay idle for a couple of seconds.
  • Now, turn on your Netgear extender.

Although this hack will help you to fix the Netgear extender not seeing 5GHz issue, on the off chance, it does not; contacting our experts will be the right thing to do.

In case you want to keep trying to resolve the issue on your own, then continue reading.

2. Get a Brand New Ethernet Cable

Have a look at the Ethernet cable that you have used for the connection between your networking devices. By any chance, it is damaged; waste no more time buying a new one by stepping out of your house. When you connect your devices using the new cable, make sure that the connection is finger-tight. Or else, other Netgear extender-related issues are standing in line to bug you off.

In case you want to skip the hassle of using a cable for the connection between the router and extender, consider switching to a wireless medium.

3. Place Extender Next to Router

As mentioned under the section of reasons, too much distance between your Netgear wireless range extender and the router that it is connected to can also cause the Netgear extender not seeing 5GHz issue.

To take care of the problem, you are required to do one simple thing, i.e. reducing the distance between both the devices. But, do not place them too close either. That can lead to the collision of their wireless signals.

4. Reset the Netgear Extender

Although the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks will help you resolve the Netgear extender not seeing 5GHz issue, in case they do not, we have one more hack to assist you. It is called factory default reset.

As the name suggests, resetting your device means restoring it to its default mode. If you want to know how to execute the process, follow the instructions outlined here:

  • Look at every corner of your networking device.
  • Hopefully, within seconds, you will find the Reset button.
  • If you do, press it.
  • Hold on for some time.

Right after you have finished resetting your Netgear wireless range extender, access the mywifiext net login or mywifiext local login page [if you are working on Windows and MAC device respectively] and reconfigure it.


With the last troubleshooting hack, we have come to the end of our blog written on how to resolve the Netgear extender not seeing 5GHz issue. One of the four hacks mentioned above would’ve surely helped you to fix it.

By any chance, they did not, fret not. Contacting our technical experts will always stay in the picture. Thus, it is recommended that you contact them without wasting any more time.

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