Netgear EX3110 Setup [LED Lights & Configuration Process]

Considering you are here, we are assuming that you have lurking around Google for quite some time. Is it because you want to learn how to execute the Netgear EX3110 setup process? Well, guess what? This is the right blog post for you. Here, apart from the steps to perform Netgear EX3110 extender setup, we have explained LED lights status and other similar topics. With that said, continue reading.

Netgear EX3110 LED Lights Behavior

POWER LED SOLID GREEN: The extender is powered on.
SOLID AMBER: The power has fluctuated.
OFF: The device is not receiving electricity.
ROUTER LED SOLID GREEN: The connection between the extender and router is great.
SOLID AMBER: The connection is good.
SOLID RED: The connection has dropped down and gone bad.
OFF: There is no connection.
WPS LED SOLID GREEN: WiFi security is enabled.
BLINKING GREEN: The WPS connection is being established.
OFF: WiFi security is not enabled.
Netgear EX3110 Setup [LED Lights & Configuration Process]

Netgear EX3110 WiFi Extender Side Panel Buttons

RESET BUTTON: With the Reset button, you can restore the device to its original mode.
WPS BUTTON: By pressing this button, you will be able to connect devices wirelessly.
POWER BUTTON: Hitting the power button will either turn on or off the extender.

How to Perform Netgear EX3110 Setup?

The Netgear EX3110 setup process can be taken forward with the information divided into three sections. To understand what we are trying to say, it is recommended that you continue reading this blog post.

Install the WiFi Range Extender

  • Place the Netgear EX3110 wireless range extender in the same room as the router.
    You should know that the proximity of the extender, as well as the router, is needed only in the initial stage of the setup. Later on, you can change the location of the EX3110.
  • Plug the extender into an electrical outlet and hit the power button.
  • Soon the power LED will become green indicating that your device is powered up.
  • The next step in line is to connect the devices, i.e. the extender and router.

How to Connect Networking Devices?

WPS Method: Press the WPS button on the router and then do the same on the Netgear EX3110 range extender. Wait for the WPS LED light to become solid. Once done, change the location of the wireless extender.

Manual Method: Connect the networking devices using an Ethernet cable. Once done, switch on your device and click the WiFi icon. On your computer, find and connect to a new extender WiFi network, i.e. Netgear_ext using the WiFi password.

Log in to the Netgear EX3110

  • Load an internet browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Ensure that it is running on its updated version.
  • Once assured, enter in the address bar.
  • You can also use the IP address to log in to your networking device.
  • The default IP address is
  • Soon the NEW EXTENDER SETUP page will come into view.
  • When asked to accept the terms and conditions, click YES or I AGREE.
  • Choose the extender admin credentials, i.e. the username and password.
  • Leave the username as ADMIN and choose a strong password.
  • Make sure that the admin password is not the same as the WiFi password.
  • Select the answer to TWO SECURITY QUESTIONS.
  • This can be done from the drop-down menus.
  • Hit NEXT.

Run the Smart Setup Wizard

  • Soon you will be asked whether you want NETGEAR GENIE to help.
  • Click YES or CONTINUE.
  • Your extender searches for local WiFi networks.
  • Select the radio button for not only 2.4 GHz but also 5 GHz WiFi Network Names.
  • Enter the password and hit FINISH.

In this manner, you will be done with the new extender setup process. Now that your wireless range extender has started extending the network coverage, it is recommended that you enjoy a fast internet connection in every nook and cranny of your house.

At Last

Here ends the blog post written on how the Netgear EX3110 setup process can be executed. Considering you have set up your networking device with ease, it is recommended that you give it a personal change. Wondering how you can do that? Well, by changing its settings. Want to learn how to do so? All you need to do is refer to the information given in the user manual of your networking device. Starting from top to bottom, you will find every little detail about your device in the user manual. If you do not believe us, open it up and see for yourself. So, is what we are saying turned out to be true? We thought so.

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